Is your domestic cleaner unreliable or you are just fed up with the endless house chores and you need to find a responsible person to take care of your household on regular basis? In both cases what you need is our professional interference. We are a respected cleaning company that covers all parts of London. Booking a domestic cleaning service with us enables you to take advantage of a wide variety of benefits such as:

  • getting to know your personal maid prior to the cleaning visit
  • availability even during the holidays
  • affordability
  • friendly attitude


Services We Offer
End of Tenancy Cleaning from £89
Carpet Cleaning from £48
Deep Cleaning from £20
Upholstery Cleaning from £16
Domestic Cleaning from £20
Gardening Services from £45

Variety of cleaning services in Willesden

“After a whole year being used, our carpet was in a pretty messy condition. We decided to use this company’s carpet cleaning services and are very pleased with the work of the cleaners.” – Alexandra

Running a household and keeping it neat and well – organised requires a lot of free time and precision otherwise the desired results might not be achieved. Our professional maids have acquired all the skills needed for making your home spick and span in no time. Although they are experienced enough, you are the one who knows best what needs to be done so you are given the chance to adjust the domestic cleaning package in accordance with your preferences. Feel free to include all the challenging domestic cleaning tasks in a checklist, discuss the frequency of the cleaning visits with our call centre representatives, get your free quote and enjoy the ideal cleanliness and freshness once the service is delivered. Simple as that.

If you are so busy that you barely spend a couple of hours per day at home, you can just provide your maid with a spare key. They will come and clean while taking utmost care towards your valuable possessions. Forget about the laundry, ironing and dusting. Enjoy your free time indulging yourself in a favourite activity.

Services We Offer

It’s inexpensive, efficient and hassle – free. There is always someone prepared to provide you with a solution to your domestic cleaning issues. You just have to get in touch with us and inquire a top quality cleaning visit on weekly or fortnightly basis. Don’t miss the opportunity to live in a cosy and healthy environment that would increase your productivity and put you in a better mood.